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CPPR has received the following IMPORTANT NOTICE From the Pension Corporation

Phone scam alert

Some members have reported receiving automated phone calls asking for personal or account information. These phone calls may appear to be coming from a government phone number, but they are actually coming from phone scammers.

If you receive one of these calls, do not provide your personal or My Account information. Hang up immediately and contact us using the phone number on the Contact us page of the Pension Corporation’s Website.
BC Pension Corporation does not use automated calling. We will also never ask you for your My Account password or security question over the phone.

Note from CPPR: The Pension Corporation’s phone number is 1-888-440-0111


Our History

2000 College Pension Plan partners set up a task group to explore the possibility of establishing a retirees' association similar to those associated with the other (and more mature) public sector pension plans in BC. They determine the College Pension Plan did not have the numbers at that juncture to form its own viable

2001 The BCRTA is approached about the possibility of incorporating College Pension Plan members into its association. The BCRTA changes its bylaws to allow for the establishing of RTA Branch 95 for members of the College Pension Plan to join it as Affiliate Members. Both the RTA Provincial Leadership and the Executive of Branch 95 envision this temporary arrangement will work until College Plan Members have sufficient numbers to form an independent organization.

2012 Branch 95 members begin to feel their numbers are sufficient to begin discussion with the RTA about moving towards independence.

2013-14 Amicable discussions begin with RTA, particularly with their membership committee who make recommendations to the RTA Board, on the growth and evolution of Branch 95 of the RTA- Post Secondary Educators. Members of Branch 95 feel that since they belong to a different pension plan and have a different optional benefit package through Blue Cross, the RTA is not able to represent their interests fully.

April 2014 Branch 95 President and Treasurer meet with VP RTA and discuss possible scenarios for change.

Branch 95 invites all post-secondary members of the RTA to attend their AGM to discuss the future.

May 2014 Members in attendance at Branch 95's AGM vote unanimously to form their own association, and the executive is directed to begin the process of registration under the society act.

May-Aug The Secretary begins the process of registering the new organization.

June 2014 Branch 95 President and Secretary meet with the RTA Membership Committee and VP to report on decisions taken at the branch AGM. VP RTA shares a draft Bylaw amendment to the RTA constitution that will write post-secondary members out of the RTA. It is agreed that if the bylaw change is accepted by the RTA AGM in September, then the RTA will forward to the new organization the dues collected from September pension cheques prior to the AGM and a current list of all
post-secondary members.

July 2014 Branch 95 sends its newsletter Prime Time to all post-secondary members of the RTA updating them on the negotiations and plans for independence.

August The Association of British Columbia College Pension Plan Retirees 2014 receives registration under the Society Act.


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Institutions’ Retiree Associations

College of New Caledonia Retiree Association meets for breakfast on the last Wednesday of each month except for December when we enjoy a Christmas lunch.
For further information, including location of the breakfast, contact Lois Nelson
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